Ortur Laser Master 2 Controller turns off

I see a “Tim” had posted the same problem but did not see any resolution. I just purchased the engraver, It seems to turn off around the 20 minute mark. Any ideas? here is his post
I am Running LightBurn 0.9.16.


Aug 27

I am trying to burn an image (a *.lbrn file), and the machine turns itself off at about 20 or so minutes into the job. It doesn’t just stop, but the GRBL controller turns off. The Laser tab shows ‘disconnected’. Is there a setting somewhere that would cause this? I haven’t done much with the Laser Master 2, as the laser went out about a week after I got it, and I just got the replacement a few days ago. It has ruined the last two jobs I have started.
Any ideas?

I managed to get in touch with Gil, the Ortur tech. He seemed to think that it was an electromagnetic interference problem from the stepper motors. I switched USB cables to an old one with large ferrite cores near the ends. That worked , sorta. I also rerouted my cabling, being sure to keep the power cable from touching the USB cable, as well as plugging my exhaust fan and air assist pump into a different outlet and only having my laptop and laser power pack plugged into the power strip. I also started making my projects with multiple layers and just burning one layer at a time. This may not be the best solution, but I got through my project without the system disconnecting or turning itself off. Hope this helps.

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