Ortur laser master 2 no engarving

Hello everyone!

So i’m just got one ortur laser master 2, but the laser not working. I really dont know why not, the fan starting to spin and starting to move around, but the laser is 0, not even a weak laser light, simply 0.
Any idea what did go wrong? All the cables attached to the right pin, checked like 20 times…
Thanks for your help.

Have you updated the firmware? There’s a thread on it, and it includes updated firmware:


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, the firmware is the newest, maybe the laser is dead?
I have checked the voltage with a multimeter and it is shows 0,07 voltage.

Greetings @Emwyo

Could you please tell us if you tried as well the machine with laserGrbl?

What cut/Engrave power settings are you using please? speed/Power


Greetings @OrturTech!

Thanks for your reply.

Yes i have tried laserGrbl for first, imported the buttons, and i tried to turn it on, and tried to adjust the power with the three basic button, but none of these was able to turn the laser on.
The same thing happened with laserGrbl, vent turned on, and the machine started to move, but the laser is 0. So basically every function of the machine and prog works except the laser.
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I was wondering if you had any resolution for your issue? I just received the Ortur laser master 2 and I am experiencing the same issue. The laser does not seem to be working when it is going through the motion like it is engraving?

Hello there!

Sadly not. My laser is still not working, and yes, it’s start to move around like its engarving, but the laser not turning on.

If you find any solution, please let me know.

Dear OrturTech!

I’m still haven’t find any solutions for my problem, i guess i’m going to buy a new 15w laser for my machine.
Btw, can i buy separately a new motherboard (or control board?) somewhere? Maybe that can cause an issue with the laser if the board not working properly.

Hi, we finally were able to find some help. Turns out the laser we received was faulty. We were able to troubleshoot and work with justin tan at ortur@ortur3dprinter.com. Best of luck that you receive some resolution.

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