Ortur Laser Master 2 Not Running Focus Test

Just got my Ortur LM2 a few days ago, and I’m having a bear of a time nailing this thing down. I’ve updated the firmware, and I’m able to make engravings in lasergrbl, but nothing in lightburn. Sometimes I can run the focus test, and it’ll burn a small image but it only takes half a second. Other times I’ve tried to engrave the word ‘test’ and the laser will fire but not engrave while still following the path set out for it. When doing the focus test I have ‘enable z axis’ checked on.

Here’s the console after it runs the focus test:

On or near line 155:

Stream completed in 0:00


Does the Laser Master 2 have a Z axis?

No, you’re right it doesn’t, but lightburn won’t run the focus test unless I turn it in. (it gives me a prompt to turn it in order to run the test)

Have you configured it as x-carve or Shapeoko?

Can you type $# in console and post output please?

If the machine doesn’t have a Z there is no point in running the focus test. It draws a bunch of lines with the laser moved to different heights. It can only work if you have a Z axis.

I misunderstood the purpose of the focus test then. The ortur has a focus ring on it that definitely needs focusing and some lines burned in wood would have helped I think.

For diodes, this is generally the way you do it: How do I turn on my diode at low power to focus it or frame a job?

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In my case i configured it as “other”.

Should i have selected x-carve or shapeoko or was it correct to select “other” ?? Thanks

If you have an ortur, you select OTHER.
Only if you have a x-carve or Shapeoko you select those

ok , i had done that so all good.

Do you know what is the best focal length for a 20w ortur laser master 2 ?
10mm ? 30 ? how do you measure this ? from the bottom of the radiator ?

I am trying to get the best focus possible because the default setting only provide a really long line focus, not a dot.
I read you have to get the material you want to engrave really close to the laser .

Again, many thanks !

for a 20W module
35-40mm is the best focal distance
From the bottom of the heatsink (the housing) not the knob -> to the material

35 is personally my go to distance

cool i will check.

maybe i bought the wrong item, I mainly want to cut and not engrave.
shoul i have bought the 15w better than 20w for cutting ?