Ortur láser master 2 pro firmware doubts

Hey there, I just purchased a ortur laser master 2 pro and I’m having some trouble with the flame detector going off constantly.

First thing I tried was upgrading the firmware in case it was some bug, and I don’t know why but when I try to copy the .bin file, the “ortur drive” unmount itself and I get some error telling me that couldn’t copy the file because de drive doesn’t exist, wich I’m hoping it’s due my windows machine having some trouble.

The weird thing is that the latest official firmware in the website seems to be the olf:155 and when I’m checking the firmware installed on my machine it says olf:170 wich seems odd to me, is this normal?
I don’t know if it’s that the brand new models are packed with a new firmware version or something, and by “downgrading” I can mess something up.

Hi Elflois, in the search bar at the top right of the screen type in ‘flame alarm keeps going off’, i think the answer is there. :+1:

Hey, thanks for answering, I already figured it out, it was the natural light wich made the alarm go off, what I still don’t get it is why my firmware is the olf 170 and the latest updated is the 155, but everything is working nice now so I really don’t care.

Thanks and have a nice day