ORTUR LASER MASTER 2 PRO - Firmware Update V1.55

Release Date: 02-08-2021

Version: V1.55
(Windows, Linux, Mac)


  • Power-on set PWM to low level – 0V;
  • Buffer issue fix for High Speed Engraving that would cause motion to become stuttery;
  • Error 18 error now displays aditional instructions [MSG: Emergency Switch Engaged];
  • Motion sensor sensitivity adjusted from 250 to 385 as default;
  • Enhancing The Auto Unlock status in Lightburn when Stop button is Hit;


  • Add Audible Hint – 1 or 2 short buzz – if Power button is pressed for 5 seconds but Emergency Switch is Engaged;
    (This helps users that mistakenly pressed the emergency switch and have no reaction from machine on power up procedures)
  • Message change on Flame Sensor if user disables by $261=0, [MSG: Warning: Flame sensor Disabled by User OverRide];
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When I click on the link to get this firmware I get an error:

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Any idea how to download 1.55 firmware?

Something weird was going on there.
Try again please?

Seems to be working now. Thank you.

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