Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 - fan from enclosure stops with air assist

Hello everyone,

New LM2 user here. Love the device so far, I have a 1000 ideas of what I can do with it.

I also got the official LM2 enclosure which includes light and a fan. As told by the manual, I connected fan and light to the port on the power unit.

I also updated the firmware to the latest version.

Everything works fine as long as I don’t turn on the air assist in Lightburn (I have air assist with a small compressor installed).

One thing I want to mention that I also bound the commands to turn on / off light and fan to the macro keys in lightburn

I cannot say if this is normal, as it seems that whenever I “cut” with higher power more smoke is generated and hence - from my newbies point of view - the fan is basically needed more than “just” for engraving but of course I might be mistaken.

Maybe someone here can explain this to me.

Thank you guys in advance

LM3 ? I can’t get the light or fan to turn on in the enclosure. Can you tell me how you bound the commands to a macro? I can’t find any Otur documentation on this. Thanks!

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Basically I have solved this now differently (and very manual). I just plugin the compressor which provides the air to the air assist nozzle and unplug it, once the cut is done. Works for me and I am super happy with it :slight_smile:

Thank you for trying to help me out though!

M12 (light on)
M13 (light off)
M14 (fan on)
M15 (fan off)

simply enter each of these codes in its own macro to create your switches

Silly question from a novice… You are saying that the Ortur machines have output pins that can be used to activate relays that switch the fan and/or the lights?

my LM3 has ports to plug in the light and extraction fan that comes with the enclosure. So obviously your light and fan need to be plugged into the laser machine for the switches to work.

See the video in the link for hardware installation

hope that helps

I don’t have access to the LM3 to see the connections, so I had to look at a few videos to see what is going on… but yes, the machine does have a port for connecting the light and exhaust fan inside the Ortur enclosure. It’s labeled as an I/O port.

Without getting in there with a multimeter to verify, I presume that the LM3 I/O port is simply providing 12VDC to the fan and light when the appropriate software switch is set. If that is the case, it should be a simple thing to connect a relay to the fan “output” wires and use that to control an air-assist pump. That way the air assist would come on whenever the exhaust fan was activated.

I know you have a solution to this, but I have to ask… how did you power the air assist when you were using LB to turn it on?

Ortur is apparently using the M-commands (M9-12 M12-15, I think) to control output of power to the fan and light. As far as I know it doesn’t have a separate output to control power to the Air Assist, which LightBurn enables through the use of the M7-8 commands. I don’t know if Ortur has any way of actually enabling Air Assist through the M7-8 commands.

If you were connecting the Air Assist power to the power wire for the fan, you probably had excessive load, and when you activated both, neither would run. If that is the case, the workaround would be to build a little unit with its control input taken from the fan power wires, and inside that unit you have a relay activated by the fan power. That relay would have also as input the power source for the Air Assist, and as output the power leading to that Air Assist.

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