Ortur Laser Master 2 replacement plastic parts STL files

In prep for installing 30W laser, I was trying to find out what the function of the PCB board at the location of the cable from the laser module plugs in. I determined it was mainly the X axis limit switch. In research I saw one person looking for a replacement plastic piece for the Y axis.
Turns out Ortur website has STL Files for all the plastic pieces. I downloaded all the files to keep handy. But mainly I wanted the template to create a new plate where the Laser Module bolts to the X. The Ortur Laser module mounts with two horizontal screws while the NEJE uses 2 vertical mounting screws. Once i got the STL files converted to SVG using Tinkercad, I used Lightburn and created a new plate without the horizontal holes and centered Vertical holes keeping my original plate for backup if I need horizontal holes.

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can you share the STL files? i cant find them