Ortur laser master 3 constant beeping and flashing yellow and white

Hi everyone. Just built my ortur laser master 3 a couple days ago. Fired the machine on and all I’m getting is a quick beep followed by 2 more quick beeps while the power button lights up yellow and then white.

Contacted tech support and they said SD card. SD card has been installed since startup. They advised me to reformat it but my dell pc doesn’t recognize the sd card or the usb thumb drive. I’ve tried it both ways. I inserted the micro sd card back into the thumb drive like it originally came and plugged into usb port on computer. and also tried just inserting the sd card into the micro sd card slot on the computer. Both ways the computer doesn’t recognize anything inserted. drivers are all updated and software is current.

Anybody have any ideas before I launch this thing into my backyard fire pit? thanks guys

You may well have a bad SD card. I’m not exactly sure how the SD card is used in the LM3, but it’s quite possible that it is used as a buffer. If that is the case, the machine will not run without a valid SD card installed.

At this point, I would try using another blank, formatted SD card inserted into its slot before you boot the machine. Be sure to use a card that isn’t too large (memory-wise) for the controller to interact with. Also note that it is likely that the user manual is (was?) a file on that old SD card, and if the card is dead, you’ll need to download the manual from Ortur.

You said that your Dell is not recognizing the SD card or the thumb drive. I am assuming that the thumb drive you reference is actually an adapter that allows access to the SD card via one of the USB “A” ports on your computer. If a dead SD card is inserted into a reader/adapter, it will most definitely not be recognized by your computer when the thumb drive is plugged in.

thank you for the response sir! I’m trying to get a new SD card from ortur but the delay in email response to troubleshoot is really getting on my nerves now. A day between responses when you want this machine up and running is quite frustrating. So you think I can use any SD card as long as it’s blank?

yes i was referring to the adapter i guess that the sd is housed in. That is basically a usb thumb drive that can be plugged into the usb slot on my computer.

Do you have an old, unused phone that might have an old SD card in it? Or any other device that you could borrow an SD card from? The memory size of the card does not need to be very large for it to work as a buffer.

Depending on where you are, you might even find a cheap SD card in a local shop that sells mobile phones. Possibly less than USD $10.

Salvaging the old card might be possible. If you insert the SD card into the adapter, then plug that into your Dell, it is possible that the card is recognized, but not as an available drive. Once the thumb drive is inserted, go to [Windows Tools] [Computer Management], and then under the [Storage] option select [Disk Management]. That should show all the “drives” that are seen by your Dell, including some that do not appear in the file manager windows. If your SD card does not appear here, it’s probably best to write it off as dead. If it does appear, you may be able to reformat it to use in your machine.

So following your instructions it does show up as Removable (E) and says no media. Not sure if that means it’s just a completely blank sd card and that may be the issue for the laser or if it does contain what it’s supposed to but the computer just isn’t recognizing it.

I don’t see an option tho to format. Any further help would be appreciated. I really appreciate your help to this point!

I’d suggest using “SD Memory Card Formatter” provided by the SD Association. It assures compliance to SD standards and works well and provides options not always available elsewhere.

SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association (sdcard.org)

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Excellent suggestion!