Ortur Laser Master 3 Extension 850mm Y Axis Alarm 2

If anyone have the same problem as me:

I got an error after i installed the Extension Kit for my Ortur Laser Master 3 OLF:207
Got a bigger piece to engrave about 400x600

Error 2 G Code motion target exceeds machine travel.
Despite i corrected the Engraving Size to 400x850 in Lightburn settings /device settings.

Solution: Manually type the command in the console: $131=850
Then it changes the y-axis to 850 in the controller.
No mention from Ortur about this or Change from Lightburn after Device Settings changed to 400x850.

I dont know if ortur is responsible for implementing it in the manual or mention it anywhere ( i think so).
Or Lightburn cound implement the console command automaticly , if the Working Area Size is changed.

Or just everybody knew that and i am to new to this…

I hope it helps !!


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