Ortur Laser Master 3 - Mac OS Monterey


I’m having issues with the connection of the LM3 to Lightburn. It will find the laser and state OK. However, the laser does not move, then it states Port failed to open - already in use? The LM3 power button flashes between Green and Yellow with no warning beeps. When I disconnect the USB from the Mac and restart the laser, the gantry and laser don’t move. If I select the Y-axis switch it will move the gantry home but the X-axis (laser) stays in its previous position and does not move. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have the same setup. Port needs to be the USB one, it tends to default to bluetooth (BLTH).

Make sure the TF card is properly inserted. Make sure your power supply is actually properly connected. The Power button light will light up with just USB power from the computer but the machine won’t work right.

Make sure your key is ON and your Emergency button is off. I have a bad habit of hitting these when putting material on the bed.

If you are using a modern Mac you likely have a USB-C adapter involved. Make sure all connections are good.

Many thanks for the kind response. Unfortunately, I have already tried the suggested check list, without success. I’m thinking it’s a problem with the machine itself, it won’t move even when the app is connected successfully and the USB is disconnected. Thanks again

The only things left is to make sure your machine wiring is all correct, no damaged pins, etc. And of course contacting Ortur and seeing if perhaps you have a bad control board or something.

Many thanks, I’ve contacted Ortur. The wires are correctly seated and the pins all appear good. I will check again just to make sure. Thank you

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This is an unusual symptom. I hope @OrturTech offers some insight for other folks here.

I will update the thread when Ortur gets back to me. Thanks

Try this for me

power on machine → usb in

About this mac → System reports
USB on the left side
Can you check if you see any ORTURLASER connected on the right side list going through each hub?

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Hi Gil, I forwarded you the images of the the plug into the motherboard as requested via your email. I don’t appear to have received a response. If you could get back to me asap it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :pray:t2:

I am having the same issue except my light is green on the LM3 power button. I followed your steps Gil and I do see the Ortur Laser Master 3 listed. I still cannot connect to Lightburn using Find My Laser or Create Manually.

Click there, show image
Then open lightburn - close and reopen if already launched
Check the dropdown list in front of Deviec button in laser panel

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