Ortur Laser Off Line Controller

Hi Has anyone seen or own one of these mythical items? I have been the very satisfied owner of a Laser Master 2 Pro for the last 5 months and at the time of purchase the off line controller was out of stock. I have contacted Ortur on several occasions and the response is always will be back in stock in a few weeks. I did manage to order one from Ali Express which they delivered to a mythical address then refunded me (think there may have been a web site glitch and the order shouldn’t have processed.
Does anyone have one? are they any good? where can I get one? has anyone got one to sell?

Yes, I’ve got one but it was faulty from the start. Ortur support were exceptional as always and arranged for a new one to be expedited to me. I was then given the option of getting a direct replacement or one of the next generation they were working on (and apparently was almost at release stage) so I opted to wait for the new version. Well that was back at the end of August… I’ve been in periodic contact with them since then. They’ve been working on it all this time and was told it would be shipped out this week. Then I received an email this morning to say that there had been a delay in manufacturing so it will be shipped next week. Hopefully there won’t be any more delays as I’m also waiting for one of the new extension kits which is being shipped out with the controller. I’m guessing they’ll be available for general purchase soon :wink:

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