Ortur Lasermaster 2 going unresponsive

I have been using a 3018 pro with lightburn with absolutely no issues. I got an Ortur Laser Master 2 and having having issues with lightburn. The LM2 connects and Homes at initial opening. If you are working on your piece to get engraved and go to jog your machine the system says machine busy and goes unresponsive at that point. 1 you either have to go to devices and select again or 2 reboot the machine. What could be causing this?

I think it’s a firmware issue, but I’m not positive yet. The Ortur seems to be more touchy than some. The next release of LightBurn includes a few changes to how the GCode commands are sent, but I’m going to chat with Gil to see if there are other things that might be going on.

To reset the connection you don’t have to re-select it in the devices box. Just right-click the Devices button and LightBurn will reset the connection to the machine for you.

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