Ortur LaserMaster 2 issues. Grrrrrr

When I hit the “Home” button, the laser is not smooth at all. Grinds/chatters and is not pleasant to listen to. When it gets “Home” it sits there a minute and vibrates. I’m having sooooo many issues; I wish there was someone I could actually SPEAK with to walk me through my issues. (which are multiple)
OLF 137
Locked/unlocked (wth is THAT)
Alarm 9
Homing Fail
The list goes on…

Your issues are with the laser itself, not the software - homing is performed entirely by the laser. All LightBurn does it tell it to home.

@OrturTech should be able to help you with this, though often it’s a simple issue with mis-wiring the limit switches or plugging a connector in wrong.

As for speaking with someone, there are only a couple of us here, so we have to be really efficient with our time, and it’s very hard to do technical support over a phone call - you can’t show pictures, and it takes a HUGE amount of time. Consider that LightBurn has roughly 50,000 users at this point. If 1% of them wanted a “quick 5 minute phone call” that would be 500 people, and 2500 minutes (41.5 hours). You also have to consider the prices of the items you’re using. Lasers that include training generally start around $6000.

@spiatt I would recomend you to open a ticket at ortur.tech/support
this way i can follow up and request some images

There are a multitude of issues…

  • Can’t get the laser to actually burn/engrave now. I have been using it “successfully” throughout the day. (BTW, I am NEW to this and am relatively computer illiterate. My apologies)
  • OLF 137. Grbl 1.1f
  • Laser moves, laser is “on”, nothing is burning

The chattering has stopped

What settings are you using? The most common mistake is going too fast, as diode lasers don’t burn fast. The 2nd most common is trying to burn white paper, which reflects most visible light, and diodes are visible light lasers.

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