Ortur Lasermaster 20w not found in the lightburn

Hi Guys, I hope you can help me! I just bought my ORTUR lasermaster 20w and downloaded your softwear in the hope of being able to use the machine right away.
But Lightburn doesn’t seem to recognize my ORTUR. The power cord is turned on and the connecting cord is connected. switched on and off several times it does not activate and does not communicate. I tried the same machine with lasergrbl and it works. what to do?
my operating system is Mac os Bigsur 11.0.1
thanks for any help

On another thread you mentioned that the software is not working for you when you choose ‘User Origin’, so does that mean you are now connected?

exact! it has now connected but is not responding to commands as it should. For example it signals me: alarm9 homing fail. could not find limit switch within search distance. defined as 1.5 max-travel on search and 5 pullout on locate phase
thank you for answering

Read here:

the commands with the arrows do not respond, in selecting the house it brings the motor out of the frame edges and stalls.
The few times I have managed to bring the laser into position it assigns me coordinates that do not correspond to the real plane.
type-240x and -240y.
If I start the laser it cannot perform the incision because it forces the motor on the frame going out of the work surface. I just don’t know what to do, I was so happy with my purchase and to find that there was well-made softwear to handle it that I didn’t think I would find so many problems.

Until the homing error is fixed, do not expect anything else to work properly - the laser won’t know where it is. It is most likely an issue with the connection to the limit switch - sometimes during assembly those get plugged in wrong.

I am getting the same homing error. How did you fix it? Thanks