Ortur LM2 Pro Laser Module Cable Replacement

Does anyone know where I can buy a new cable harness for my laser module? I have an Ortur LM2 Pro S2-10A laser module.

You might add a ticket to the ortur tech support site and explain your reason for needing one first. The support is very responsive and if your machine is still under warranty, they may just send one out to you. If not, I’m sure they’ll direct you to what you need to do.

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As Brewster mentioned, Ortur is very good about this sort of thing. However, if they are unwilling to send a replacement, you could have Ihab make one for you. I had Ihab (IhabLaserDesigns) make a cable for a project I was working on. Here is a link to his Etsy site: Ortur Laser Cable Replacements Stock Drag Chain Extended - Etsy . I swapped out the OEM controller on my OLM2 Pro with one of Tim Rothman’s B-N-B 3’s and needed to change to an S2 style harness, which Ihab made for me. He does good work.

Thanks everyone! I’ve since started a ticket with Ortur for replacement.

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