Ortur Master 1 with problems to engrave in correct position

Is possible to rotate the view screen 90º? This solve the problem!

Did you alter anything in your Grbl settings? Your Y axis seesms squeeched.

No, didn’t do nothing

Its possible to reset all configurations and start from beginning? Thks

in console $RST=*
resets everything to defaults

ok, I will do it

it´s the same…

Can you confirm that the panel with the word “ORTUR” is pointing forward, as the above picture you supplied looks like its to the left hand side.
I dont use the LM1 but it appears that you have it incorrectly positioned as if you rotate it 90’ it looks right.

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It´s like this…

Thks to all… I understand now what you are saying…thks

AsI say, I dont own a LM1 I have the LM2 but Im pretty sure that the label on the laser is front facing, Meaning that the gantry with the laser attached is your X direction and the gantry with the “Ortur” logo is your Y.
from your photo above if this is oriented in that config then your output looks correct.
I may be wrong but I’m sure that @OrturTech Gil will be able to verify this.

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yes we addressed this above

then from the last photos @RicardoG posted all looks okay.

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Yes… i see now. Problem solved! Thks

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