Ortur OLM3 not finishing file engraving

I am new to hobby lasers. I purchased an Ortur Laser Master 3 and a LightBurn license. I have been unable to complete a simple engraving. It starts and gets between 1/4 and 3/4 the way through a burn and just stops. I’m running LightBurn on MacOS. Any thoughts? I am unable to update firmware due to lack of ability to set a local IP. It hangs when I try $74 and $75. Any other way to update firmware without a computer, maybe from an SD card?

Thanks in advance…

New to this myself with a OLM 3 running from a Mac. I haven’t done large engravings but I have done some test cuts that ran for ~30 minutes. The only times I’ve had failures are for communication problems. 1) Their wifi seems flakey. I’ve had it just drop out during a burn.
2) I have a MBPro with USB-C ports so when using the provided USB-A to USB-A cable I had a small adapter but it wasn’t getting a good connection. I’ve since replaced it with a new cable (not using Orturs’) and have had no problem.

If I remember right, $74 and $75 is to set the SSID and password for your home network? That works for me.

I believe you can update from a microSD card. The user manual mentions an upgrade mode.

Where/how did you get new firmware for it?

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