Ortur rotary and lightburn issue

Hi there! I am running ortur’s aufero laser 2 engraver along with the Ortur yrr2.0.

I have current 1.3.01 lightburn update as well as the 190 update for ortur’s aufero.

I’m having issues with sizing or calibration on the rotary.

I have watch several video’s regarding set up, roller size and object size to get the circumference.

I followed all the setups for device settings and machine settings

My issue comes when I make the rectangle for the circumference and do a test 4mm rectangle on the bottle… it seems the machine passes the circumference… going around the bottle almost 3 times before doing the other side of the test rectangle.

When I tried a design. I’d type the width and height but the machine would make the design double or triple the size… example being… I put a design at 10mm wide. It ended up as almost 30mm wide…

Any clue to what happened? Or maybe I’m missing something as far as ratios or calibration?

Check under Laser tools - - >rotary setup.

Make sure you have an accurate roller diameter and work from there. My guess it, the cup rolls 3 times before starting is most definitely the wrong roller dimension.

Once you have the correct roller diameter then you need to play with the mm per rotation to get the size right.

That should get you were you need to be.


Thanks for the response! I am using a digital micrometer (caliper)

and every time I measure the diameter of the rollers and every time I get the same measure for both rollers. Mine is 20.06mm. I know that the measurement of the roller will never have to be changed it’s just the project diameter. I have even played with adjusting the mm/rotation and that seemed to work with the rest button on the rotary setup menu but when I get back to the job screen it goes back to whatever it is doing.

This is just a picture off Google for reference but I enabled the rotary, it’s clicked for rotary style, I have the roller diameter, I got my objects diameter… and it comes up with the supposed “circumference”

But when I make the rectangle on the job screen to the height of the “circumference” it doesn’t listen lol :joy:

I’m using scrap bottles for testing and practicing until I get it dialed in. So one of the tests was my name. MATT… I set the dimensions to the numbers it was and the circumference ended up being a good 15 to 20mm stretched

They are not coming out proportional.

Another example is I tried my logo… I grouped my logo with my business name and shrunk it so everything stayed proportional. That too got distorted when I fired the laser