Ortur rotary roller: infinite y axis?

Y axis on Ortur Lasermaster 2 without roller is presmably limited by size of machine. But would the roller allow continuous travel in same direction? I am thinking of buying a roller not to engrave a cylinder but to slice a cylindrical roll of teletype paper into 11.9 mm tapes for an old tickertape machine. The tape would just spool onto the floor while the rest of the roll stays intact. Kind of a lathe for paper. Can someone with a roller tell me if it can just keep going in one direction?

For your application you might want to see if a GRBL ‘Pendant’ is available for the Ortur.
EDIT: I found this…

This is a little box that has a processor, push buttons, and a serial interface that sends GRBL commands like a computer controller would, but it’s just used for jogging and manual control.

Alternative is to use LaserCtrl which has a lower level, more direct interface for manual control.

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