Ortur Rotary - Y Axis Banding and large movements

Just setup the rotary for the first time. I am getting a banding affect on FILLs and Y axis moves are really elongated.

From the Move tab, if I tell it to rotate, Y axis move 5mm, it moves 5mm. If I put text starting at 5mm and start the job, it moves about 35-40mm and starts the job.

Once started it elongates the print and skips a mm with every movement.

The height of the letter “t” looks correct but the width is huge. In Lightburn, this would be the ending “t” in the text.

To trouble shoot, I have reset the LM2Pro, power cycled everything and still issues. I then downloaded the latest Firmware for the laser and installed that. Still same results.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Lightburn V 1.1.04

Thank you,

John Fuller

I suspect that a couple of calibration steps may have been overlooked.

This is worth every minute invested:

I am getting the exact same thing but with the Ortur rotary tool on the Laser Master 2 Pro. I just happened to see your post in the list and thought I would read it, even though it is not the same laser.

So this looks like a Lightburn setting or issue. I just setup my rotary tool and this was the first try. The X axis looks like it is moving the correct amount but the Y (rotary) movement is very elongated and on graphics it is skipping lines.

Any ideas from the Lightburn support team? Windows V 1.1.04.


To help clarify, I have uploaded 3 images. One that shows the banding when you laser an image, one that shows the letter “T” as it is elongated and then the same letter “T” on the screen in Lightburn. Note that the image, besides banding is also elongated.

Any help on this is appreciated.


Hi John:

I had watched it before and set everything. However, the last part says if the graphics don’t print right but the text does, then shut off rotary. That is not the exact issue I was having but I tried it anyway. It started working.

Appreciate the reminder to watch it a second time. Now I can try my first glass engrave.

Have a good week and thanks,


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I moved your posts into the Ortur Section as the other user was attempting to troubleshoot an X-tool which is a very different machine.

Ortur provides tech support for their equipment here on this forum which continues to offer much better user experience than others may be having with less support from their equipment manufacturers.

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I have a XTOOL not Ortur

Sure. I just thought it might be worth a shot.


Then posting in the xTool D1 section would be best for your questions. :slight_smile: