Ortur with 40w upgrade

I would like to engrave black granite. I trie with the 20w head. Has anyone tried this with a 30w or 40w? Needless to say t had little success. Thanks for any feedback. Ron

You may want to change the title of your post if you want an answer to your question.

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Hi rjans,
your diode laser will not engrave black granite period. you need to upgrade to a CO2 laser if you want laser engrave any of this hard materials. and hope that will answer your question

Thank you for your response. Sorry this took me so long to acknowledge. rrjans

I just did a conversion to a neje 30 watt on ortur master 2 frame , EASY YEA , good vid on you tube /type in neje 30 watt on ortur frame .
A girl did this , a SMART girl
I can Etch slate and tile coasters $$$$$$$$$ paid for my laser in 2 months
the neje 30 watt laser heads made this laser so much nicer
$139.00 Ali Express , Got it in 6 days ,