Ortur Z-axis Lifting Device

I’m about to install the subject lifting device onto my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro, and I note in the assembly manual for the device that I may have to adjust the firmware parameters according to instructions using LaserGRBL software.

Problem: I’m using LightBurn software, and I’m not using LaserGRBL software.

Is there a set of instructions to check and adjust the recommended parameters using LightBurn.

Check out:


Installed the Z-axis Lifting Device following directions. Wrote a very simple macro through the Console with recommeded GCode supplied with the directions provided by Ortur:


Everything is working fine.


Can I ask why you had to create a macro? Will the values revert back to its original setting?

I installed the aftermarket Ortur Z-axis Lifting Device to the original Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. In the instructions, it states, “When Z-axis Lifting Device assembled, the mismatch of increased weight and acceleration may affect movement accuracy. Then, you need to adjust the firmware parameters according to the following instruction.”

$120 – X-axis acceleration – Recommended Parameters = between 1800 – 2000
$262 - Ortur Gshock Sensor Threshold - Recommended Parameters = 280

I cut many leather pieces and I find that the accuracy of the cuts is better after changing the original setting ($120 = 2200.000 and $262 = 290) to those recommended.

I also noted that sometimes the original firmware setting revert back, hence the macro.

Hope that explains the reason for the macro.

Have a nice day.


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