Output QRCode negative


My first post here…

I´m trying to etch qrcodes in anodized aluminun and some smartphones doesn´t read them.

Looking around I saw that it´s better to have a darker foreground.

So I followed this example:

But Lightburn showed this warning:

What is the correct way to output qrcode negative?



What 1 shape wasn’t closed?

If I make a QR in LB and then draw a square around it on the same layer it inverts just fine.

This notification is identifying an Open Shape set to Fill, so this is a different issue that will need to be addressed. What is shown if you select ‘Show me’ button? :slight_smile:

As for inverting the QR Code output. I simply selected the QR Code, then add an outward Offset of 0.5mm to it on the same fill layer.


this is the shape:

One of the little squares the QR generator spit out isn’t closed? That’s interesting. Sounds like a question for Oz & co.
Can you close it and carry on?


yes, but I am afraid that the scanners are using some error correction to decode de qrcode.


when a use the offset the my qrcode isn´t inside a square like yours:


Turn the Offset from both inside and outside to only outside and a small amount. You should get one outline produced. You can practice with a simple square to see what I am showing. I have the resulting Offset shapes set to red to see easier.

Or, you can simply add a square as @Hank suggests as well. :wink:

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