Pattern shifts in Fill+Line when lines pr inch is to high

I had some issues using Fill+Line. I am not sure if its the light burn software or the ruida controller, but my machine filled perfectly, but the line shifted an offset in the horisontal direction every time, by maybe 30mm or something.
I had a cutting layer after that would be shifted aswell.

I tried a lot of stuff, and found out, if the lines pr. inch is to great (it was 1064 or something) somethings get shifted. when I lowered the lines pr inch to a resonable number everything is okay. I dont know why the number was so high, the pattern was made i illustrator. does that somehow decide the resolution?

Please take a look at this thread to see if this is the same issue you are experiencing. Please confirm and we can go from there.

thank you for responding.
I looked at that post before posting, but I did not think it was the same issue,
reading it again, it could be.

The only wierd thing is, when i lower the lines pr inch settings everything is okay. The shift is in the horisontal direction, but isnt the lines pr inch setting in the vertical direction? (not using cross hatch)
I am not able to check my machine settings until tomorrow, i can cjeck the acceleration then, and let you know.

Hello, it doesnt look like the accelerations are that high on my machine.

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