PAUSE button not working now

Ortur Laser Master 3:
I was using Lightburn 1.2.04 and PAUSE was working as it should.
I haven’t used pause for a few weeks and have upgraded to 1.3.00 and now 1.3.01
and I notice that pause will not now pause a job. The button will click then read “RESUME” but the laser job does not stop nor pause. The only way to stop is to do just that, press STOP, and then, of course, it can only restart from the beginning.
Anyone else noticed this? Will I have to reinstall an older version?
Any ideas, please.

At least for the Ruida controller on my OMTech 60 W, the Pause button does indeed pause (and resume) the action, but the legend does not change to Resume while the laser is paused.

I didn’t expect it to change to Resume, so I’ve been perfectly happy until now. [grin]

ednislry, strange things!!! Is this just with the latest update or did it happen with previous versions also?
I substituted my Sainsmart LC-40 (5W) and the PAUSE/RESUME buttons worked as they should (using Lightburn 1.3.01)
Went back to the Ortur M3 and same problem as before.

I’ve only had occasion to pause recently while cutting shop wipes out of old shirts, so I can’t vouch for previous LB versions.

It’s 1.3.01 running on Manjaro Linux, which may be relevant.

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