PC Crashed, Need to Swap License

PC Crashed, motherboard or CPU failure. Need to Swap License… But how?
I can’t open the program to deactivate the software now that I’ve migrated the SSD to the new motherboard. I can obviously go to the program files install folders, but when I attempt to run it from there is just opens up with a trial offer that shuts back down when I try to run it as such. It doesn’t see it’s self as an active copy, so what do I do now? Should I attempt to uninstall it?

The changes made to your original system would ensure the LightBurn fingerprint would fail. I have cleared this system from your key. You can install and run LightBurn on your newly reconfigured system and enter the key again now.

Using the email you have listed in this profile, you have access to the License Portal to allocate your 2 seats as you’d like.

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Thankyou. All good now!

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