Pen Up / Pen Down behavior

I have seen previous topics related to this, sorry if already answered:.

It would be really nice to be able to modify the pen up/down behavior relative to the cut. (Eg. Pen up, move, pen down, cut vs move, pen up, pen down, cut).

I checked up a marker in my laser and it worked beautifully minus the line which gets dragged between letters.

Any chance this could be supported? Seems I’m not the only one looking for it.

The Pen behaviour isn’t supported yet…

There are a few threads were some folks are using LightBurn to control Newing-Hall drag-point engravers and I heard a story about a demonstration project several years back where a particularly bright fellow was controlling a Silhouette Cameo 2 or Cameo 3 Vinyl cutter. The details escape me.

If I was trying to control a pen I would try a pen-lift solenoid. It removes the requirement of moving the large mass of the bed accurately with stepper motors.

Are you intending to use the pen and a cutter?

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