Perfect Laser 80 Watt RD Works to Lightburn

I have a Perfect Laser 80 watt laser that has Ruida controller. It is currently running RD Works v8
I have been told by the seller that I can’t use any other software but I think they just don’t support any other software. But to be honest I am getting little help along the way from them. I want to use Lightburn because I think it’s better and easier.
Can someone fill me in ? RDC 6445G(EC) is on the machine itself.

If you’re running RDworks, then LightBurn will work just fine.


You’re fine - Lightburn supports Ruida.

Why don’t you download the trial and try it?


Can I swap back and forth or do I have to remove one to use the other one ? I had pure hell getting RD works to install because I didn’t have a rar file extractor.

You can’t connect them both to the laser at the same time, but you’ll have no issues running one or the other at any given moment. You can jump back and forth with no issues.

I did what you suggested today and sent the file to my cutter.
I must have settings wrong because the laser head went off my bed and the belts made a horrible grinding noise. Then I tried using auto focus and it raised my bed way too high and messed up the head of the laser. I could not get the bed to stop going up and had to reset it. Now I don’t know whether to continue on or what
I can’t figure out how to keep the laser head from going of the cutting t able area and how to put my belts back the way they were
I am thinking I have screwed up good

I must have done something wrong because it appears that using Lightburn has deleted all the old RD works settings. So my laser head is going all the way outside the bed and screwing up my belts
Makes a loud grinding sound and I am lost

Wow, I have been chasing this all over…

I merged 2 posts into the one above. This is the 3rd location I have found a request for the same issue. Please, post once, in one location. We do respond.

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