Photo / image settings for co2 lazer

hi all,

here i would like to quesiton what the propper settings are for engraving a image in lightburn.

i already found a few post about this subject and i wil read them, as i use this post as a way to do progres updates and experiments.

my goal is to have a firm grip on what the best settings are to engrave.
i wil share the results of my tests on this forum

this wil encompas only lightburn setttings.
and no image/photo editing software.

the image i plan to use as a test is:

Here is a old example someone made for me long ago this is about the result I would like:

the image is not purly black or white it has about 3to 4 colours in it.

what does the comunity think would be the best settings?

The foto above might not show it clearly but the 4/5 difrent gradients of colour are also noticeable in the result. Like engraving a foto the darker the image the darker the actual result.

The proper settings are the ones that work for the material you’re using, the image, the laser, your power supply and wattage, beam type, and so on. Which is to say, there is no “best settings” that someone can simply hand you without knowing a whole lot more about what you’re planning to use them on. :slight_smile:

In short the best way to figure it out is to make a test array of images and then do difrent settings on difrent images.

I will try these settings first with a really thick piece of plywood, that way I can’t burn trough the wood. Advice and recommendations are welcome.

Image mode : Jarvis
DPI : 127
speed : 200
power : 6%

My laser is a 80 watt co2 lazer with a ruida controller. Power supply normal European/Dutch wall power so about 220 volts.

What els can effect it?

I will draw the aray and post it here. Going step by step and logging all settings using the same high contrast image.
That should give me a ball park of wat to use

I read this post.

It also mentions array usage of the same image. I’ll try this. But mabe I’ll edit my image slightly before I do so. The current image I use is quite dark.

i disided that for this i wil use pure black and pure white. (for easy replication) ill shose a other photo to test it with. mabe the photo in the instructables post

You’re better off using something like a gradient fill so you can see the different shading, and how well it matches the original. The focal length of the lens will affect your dot size - A shorter focal length gives a smaller dot, which in turn affects how high you can go on DPI. Trial and error is unfortunately the best method, and even then the content of the source image will affect the choices you make for settings.

Are the comely used gradient fills?
It might then be better to take something that a other already made and apply it to my case and continue experimenting

This is a very common pattern used.

Oh thanks. I might change it slightly to be more printer friendly (using les space) . And I’ll add text to indicate the other settings used. Speed, power etc. I want to be as complete as possible to have the best framework for later reverance.

Instead of a circle using a line seems better for testing multiple settings.

For each test I Wil assign a other lightburn colour so that each colour can have difrent settings. That way I should be able to print the test batch in 1 go.

As for what speed and power to use, I already made a test blok for that, so I’m thinking of using 3 or 4 difrent settings.

As for what to toggle, speed I would like to be fast for Lazer time. So probebly only be toggling power.

Recommendations are welcome.

I Wil upload my file after I have it and share it withe community under the name of gradient fill.
Like the power/speed, power scaling test.

Have done this before. Just not done a gradient fill test.

I’ll update progress as I test.

this seems a nice patern. now all i need is to fill it.

this way i can have multiple power/speed tests with this graident patern. i do wonder about the scale of the squares. atm they are 1 cm by 1 cm. but i might make them bigger depending on needs.

I Wil test the gradient fill as soon as I have access to the machine. 1x a month I need to work in the makerspace. But covid is a issue.

Gradient fill V1.lbrn (176.5 KB)

gona give back to the comunity :wink:

this is the one im gona use next weekend i plan to use this with multiple power/speed settings.

mabe i should make a new post called gradient fill and post this there? i think we wanderd from the inital topic. but thats fine by me as i use this to update the progres and the road i took .

@LightBurn if you have other recomendations feel free to tell :wink:

wel my workshop is closed due to lockdown. i gues i need to try this when it opens up again.

wel worshope opened to a select number of people. and i went in and did a few tests.
one of the tests was the gradiant fill /scalle test.

ill post some pictures tomorow.

i also did some tests with my lion image. did not get the result i expected.
at times it burned the center of the lion also. even togh i did not want it to do so.
i gues its a settings thing. i would have to see if i can tweak it.

gradientfill. yea i forgot the text itself…

It’s easier to read this way. :slight_smile:

@LightBurn I’m thinking of making this a seperet post. Should I do so? Because where I started and end is are totally difrent