Photo Not Square

I re-calibrated my Lightburn camera and did a test on a piece of tile.
I outlined the tile and centered it, drew a smaller square and a circle with cross hairs.
It lasered perfect, I did the same setup with another tile and loaded a picture
And it is skewing off towards the upper left from the bottom, I tensioned all belts.
I am at a bit of a loss

You haven’t mentioned what machine you have, and it’s not listed in the ‘Machines’ section of your profile, so this is a guess, but a reasonable one:

Sorry Oz, it had been a long day at that point. the machine is a China Blue and White 60 watt Ruida Controller

Thanks, that worked in the machine setup tab in Lightburn.
The tab for the X axis was set to True for the PWM, I set it to False.
Ran the same exact file that was at the laser and it squared up nicely

If you’re using the same motor drivers on X & Y you should set the PWM flag the same for both. It won’t be as apparent on the Y axis, but it will shift your output a little if the setting is wrong and there are a lot of direction changes in Y.

The Y axis was set to False, thanks for the help

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