Picture settings

Im having a bit of trouble working out the best dpi for photos :unamused: is it best to have a lower dpi and speed (70mm sec 156dpi) or low dpi and higher speed of (150mm sec 156 dpi) im currently tring mdf had good and bad results so far but dont have any consistency betwedn photos :checkered_flag:

Thanks for that i have wstched a few of his videos but it dose take s bit of understanding im sure the more i wstch snd do i will get it in the end my latest work seams to be heading in the right direction :grinning:
My main issue is trying to find out was there a general rule of thumb for dpi vs speed and power maybe a basic formula to kinda point in the right direction

I’ve never done any mdf so can’t speak to that. What focal length lens are you using? What wattage tube do you have? And pictures of your results help.

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