Playing with ceramic tile

having some fun with cheap ceramic tiles from HD. Amazing results. coloured with sharpie but alcohol ink works much better.
100watt CO2, 320IPM, 60%


That looks great, I have tried ceramic tile without much luck before, I just get white on white.

What is your ink filling process?

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Yes please share alcohol ink process…

If you can find natural slate, that works well too.

As for ink filling, I haven’t done tiles (but other materials) you basically flood the etched area and the ink soaks into the porous surface below. Then wipe off the surface. If you get some on the surface that won’t wipe off, you can use solvent to remove it.

I’ve done it with wood, but your paint must be latex (thick) so it doesn’t bleed too much into the wood.

Anyone used these tiles to achieve similar results to the original post? I have heard good and bad reports in the past.

Laserbond claims their black marking fluid will work on tile. I have never tried it on tile, therefore, it would be great to hear from those who have tried it.

I do just like Muskoka_Mike says, flood the cut with ink. Sharpies work well too and the excess just washes off with water and a cloth

Black sharpie fill.


awesome, these ar so much fun to do. I work with a very crude bunch. I cant even post most of mine here


Yes, a lot of fun! Cheap and easy.

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OK, I’ve been searching for that fish pattern… can you tell me where you got it? I feel like a file grabber

Here ya go!

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Can’t…stop… building up some stuff. These tiles are a hoot, even my wife will grab a marker.

These are all trivet size


Wow those look great. I’ve been playing with tiles but mine don’t seem to POP like yours or I bleed the colors. Do you mind sharing what markers and how to clean off the non-engraved part without messing up the color.

I have Bic brand markers, I just colour sloppily, let dry for quite awhile then simply scrub with soap and water. Comes right off. If you have running you’re not letting the marker dry enough

Thanks… will try more!



Excellent detail level. Was it created from vectors or bitmap?

This is a bitmap. I have better control of the engrave.

That is very impressive, especially from a bitmap image. Which image mode did you use?