Playing with ceramic tile

I used threshold so it is on or off, nothing in between.

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I’ve upped my game with the ceramic tiles


What focal lens are you using to get that quality?

Those are gorgeous! Really outstanding!

Someone just sent me some porcelain mugs they wanted me to put HTV (heat transfer vinyl) on. I think I try alcohol ink idea on them. Maybe I’ll be able to laser them even though I can’t use the rotary on them due to the handle.

Bob, good to see you on this forum. I see your comments on some of the FB pages and they are always helpful ( and sometime entertaining :wink: . What settings and process did you use to create these (i.e. how painted, what paint, how cleaned, etc…) A quick step by step might be helpful to everyone.

BTW…You have got to change the big belly icon you use. It drive me nuts. bahahahahahaha

The belly stays…
I’m using the script from the FB group “That Dude With A Lazer” standard white tile, painted flat black. 100watt laser at 285 MM/sec, 25%. takes quite a bit of trial and error. Even more after you clean lenses. The key is to use just enough power to leave the white parts glossy

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When using the ink do you have to mask the unburned part or can you just wipe the ink off of it?

just wipe it off…

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Are these also marker fill? How do you get the grays?


look up 5 posts, all the info is there

I signed up for the Facebook group. Thanks for the info. I saw their profile pic and now it makes sense on the process. I was confused as to how to paint it with flat black to get the greys but now I see it is painted prior to lasering it. :crazy_face:

Absolutely gorgeous - thanks for sharing

I’ve engraved a handful of cheapo home depot tile. The engraving always works out nice but I’ve had mixed results with colorant. I dont have alchohol ink and sharpies seem hit or miss. Anyone try printer ink, wood stain, shoe polish, rit dye, or testers paint?

This one was done with spray paint. I’m not sure yet how well I like that technique.

I masked the entire tile face with tape and then engraved. After engraving I sprayed the whole thing with a rattle can and after it dried a couple of days I peeled/scraped the tape off. A razor blade made fairly quick work of it.


You might find that spraying with flat white acrylic, unmasked, then a lower power engrave works, with a lot less work.

The acrylic fuses to the tile and turns black. Clean off excess white paint with paint thinner to restore the gloss white of the tile.

Not my technique, all the work of Nicky Horton who tried many different paints and settings - but this is the result:


How much power does it take to get the dark black color?

That was done with a 2.5W diode, so not much.

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with only lightburn no script