Playing with ceramic tile

You guys are killing it. Care to share your settings for speed, power, and dithering?

Made this as a graduation gift for an aspiring aerospace engineer.


Referring to your script photos above. Would you mind sharing one of your post script files with me that produce this type of quality? It would be great to know what my end game is supposed to look like for a 4x4 tile. Is this the dither script or the halftone?

I’m using the script from the FB group “That Dude With A Lazer”

Yes I saw that part, I was wondering if you are using da halftone update or the dither in photoshop or which program?

More ceramic tile fun


So are you etching away everything except pink paint?

If so, this is very different to using the laser to fuse the paint to the ceramic.

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I believe the process involves etching on a blank tile then paint is added into the laser Ed area after via a “Sharpie Process” with the excess wiped away.

exactly, neon sharpie

What power and speed are you using for the Sharpie process? Or is it not as critical as fusing the acrylic paint? Just enough power to get through the surface?

BTW…Where do you get flat black or white acrylic spray paint? I have had no luck finding any. Name brand?

you need to etch away the glazing for the sharpie to stick

I am etching through the glaze but having a problem getting much color to stay. How are you cleaning the surface? If I use alcohol it cleans quickly but removes too much color.

just water and a scrub pad

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Hi BCanning, these tiles are unbeliveable goooood. Is it possible to get the pic of one of the faces? So i know that the result would be great and if it’s not i have to change the settings of my laser. I tryed a lot of settings but i didn’t get these wonderful results. Amazing. I use sharpies to paint the tiles. Did you use it for the faces too? Regards and thx in advance.

No, the photo tiles are done with white tiles painted flat black. All the needed info is above

Hi Robert. Thx a lot.

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Amazing! I just recently upgraded to Lightburn and got a camera.
Your tile work is really stunning!

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I really love the looks of the flat white paint method but having a very difficult time coming up with a good setting for a 40W CO2 laser. Seams like most of the steller results are coming from low wattage diode lasers. With CO2 it seems like it either wipes off with paint thinner or else it’s more of lighter grey instead of high contrast black.

Been playing around mostly in the higher speed lower power settings. Maybe I need to slow it down.

I haven’t tried the flat white method with CO2 yet. Most are doing it with diode lasers
I doubt I’ll have any luck with 100watt CO2

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I tried the flat white paint several times with my 60 Watt and never got anywhere close to a dark line. Light grey was the best I could get. I tried several different white paints and many different power settings. I think the frequency of the diode laser is the important factor.

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