Please help as i am on the virge of sitting in a corner and wobbling ..........l;

K40 with Makerbase MKS SBase V1.3 32bit Control Board running the latest Smoothie.
Initially killed my stepper so replaced, killer the endstops so replaced, all now hardwired.
click on left, goes left, right, goes right, click up goes to back of laser, down moves towards me.
Click home it homes where I want.
The bed size in X = 297 and Y = 210, set in smoothie and Lightburn.
It does not seem to pick up the size of my cutting area. I
use absolute coordinates and tried x4 simple lines on two of them it sents the laser head far right banging it on the side. if I put a box on the page and ask it to frame it, it seems to not understand where it needs to go, if that makes any sense. Perhaps sending a video may help but could not find anywhere to attach
Thanks for any help you can offer

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