Please Help! Cormak 6090Z RDC6442G

Hello, yesterday we got our new Co2 laser. It‘s a CORMAK 6090Z with the RDC6442G Controller. We have a problem. We can’t connect it to Lightburn. We only work with Lightburn. Until now the Laser only works mit RDworksv8. But we don’t like this software. Has everyone tips what we ca do or what we do false?

Are you attempting to connect via the USB or Ethernet?

I’d highly suggest Ethernet.

If you are using USB then it’s probably the driver in the Mac. Suggest you google for mac and not being able to connect on this site.

I have a Linux Ubuntu box…

Might want to post the version of Lightburn you are using ‘Help → About Lightburn → About’


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Thank you for your fast answer. My Lightburn Version is 1.0.06. If we want to use Ethernet? How does it work? Does this work with Lightburn without internet? If this doesn’t work what can I do to use Lightburn with my Macbook.

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What does Linux Ubuntu-Box mean? Do you use Linux as Software on you Pc? Which Laser do you use?

I would be thankful about your help :pray:t3:

Yes, it can drive or connect to the Ruida via USB.

The best connection is via Ethernet. Is your machine near the laser?

Good luck


Yes, my MacBook is near the laser.

If you can just plug it into the network you will get much better results.

You will need to follow the Ruida configuration documentation.

Set the ruida to a unique IP and it’s gateway and plug it into your lan…

I plugged my wifes widows machine directly into the Ruida and set the lasers ip to something unique and it’s gateway to the pc. Connected right up.


Hi, thank you for your help! It Works perfect. Now we have another problem, our Laser doesn’t cut 90 straight, it Cuts diagonal down. I make a picture that you can See what i mean. Maybe you can help me?

Your help was awesome! Thank you very much, have you seen my other post, there is another problem….

Your axes from the head to the table is probably not square. This is the most often cause. The head construction on the K40 makes it a little more difficult to check vertical alignment. But I’d start with a ‘square’ (like for construction) and ensure the axes are vertical.

Another cause could be the alignment to the head can cause the beam to strike the lens off center and the resultant beam will be emitted at a slight angle.

Back to alignment…


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