Please help message - creality falcon 10w

lightburn say this message
gpio: gpio_isr_handler_remove(480): GPIO isr service is not installed, call gpio_install_isr_service() first
i use a creality falcon 10w

You need to update your firmware
However this should be only a debug message not as much as an error

Is your machine homing, and engraving correctly?

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If you still see this message after updating your firmware, this r/Creality Reddit thread suggests contacting Creality support for a GPIO service file.

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Sadly, if its a Creality CV-30, the firmware was not patched - yet - to fix this gpio issue

@Creality_Rachel is aware and informed R&D

A update is expected “soon TM” :smiley:


To resolve that problem instal this:

Product Firmware

The latest firmware CV-30_V3.0_24 have some kind of bug. I had the same issue with GPIO.
Few night with coffee and I resolved that problem :blush: ufff


So a downgrade on firmware?

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Exatctly downgrade

10 minutes ago I found and loaded the software into the laser:

CR-Laser_Falcon_User_CV-30_Firmware_V3.0.23 - 08.10.2022

And the same GPIO problem. So I again downgrade firmware :slight_smile:

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well they do specify which version to downgrade to
Maybe you can read change log and see if you miss anything by doing so

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It seems to me that this is a problem with the control device. I suspect that the “latest version” of the software is not compatible with the device’s motherboard. We have an older version of the motherboard. The newer motherboard is probably located in:

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Downgrade to CV-30_V3.0.20_20220427 and have fun with LaserBurn 1.60 :slight_smile: beta

BTW… I have 2 full sets of Falcon 10W (order from Aliexpress - they send me 2pcs :shushing_face: but I ordered only one)

On second device is the same GPIO problem.

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