Please help...why the words in the main screen and preview screen is different

Please help…why the words in the main screen and preview screen is different.

Hello there,

You have the text selected as variable.
(cut setting to be exact)

Change this to normal and you are all set!

Hi Sensor thanks for reply … I have changed from variable to cut setting and it is still the same.

Change it to ‘Normal’. Variable text is interpreting your letters to display things like the DPI (d) and the Minimum power (M). The ‘Cut Setting’ value is used for generating material test sheets that display power, speed, etc, so you don’t have to type it all in.

I believe the setting needs to be ‘normal’ not ‘Cut Setting’

Thank you for the response … I have manage to resolve the problem by changing it to “merge/scv”. Not sure why it works but it works for now…

Great software and still trying it out…

Change it to ‘Normal’ Seriously - that’s the only one that won’t alter anything. :slight_smile:

Merge/CSV is used for applying a mail-merge style operation from a CSV file. It will do things like this:

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