"Port failed to open - Already in Use?" on MacOS Venture

I’m new to this, but on my second laser due to the same issue. I can’t seem to get any laser working due to the “Port failed to open - Already in Use?” message. I started out with a Comgrow Comgo Z1, but returned it when I couldn’t get this working. I now have a OMTech B10 and am hitting the exact same issue. I’ve tested all of the cables, and those are fine.

Is there any solution to this? I found a similar post from August, but it was automatically closed due to no response for 30 days without a solution. I’ve tried installing older versions of Lightburn to no avail.

I’m kind of at a loss here and am about to return a second laser cutter.

Does anyone have any ideas?

What ports are showing in computer device settings?
Not familiar with Mac.

It was only showing cu.Bluethooth-Incoming-Port, which certainly didn’t seem right. Another cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting things brought up cu.usbserial-110, which is now controlling the laser (only on the X axis at the moment, but that feels like a separate issue).

This may actually be resolved. For those who are curious, I started having luck in LightBurn 1.2.04, but not the latest version. Not sure if that contributed.

On a Mac, you should see something like this with ‘modem’ in the name under devices.

Mine says “cu.usbserial-110” or “cu.usbserial-220.”

It works though.