Position Calibration

I’m struggling with using CURRENT POSITION. Ortur 2 laser, with stop switches for bottom left homing. I have successfully used CURRENT POSITION but when moving from one project to another it will stop working when it gives me an “out of bounds error”. I tell it to continue anyways and the script looks like it’s running but nothing happens.

I noticed that when I hit the geo-tag icon to set the position by clicking on screen, it doesn’t seem to be calibrated to my board. If I click as close as possible to bottom left on the board on my computer screen my laser positions itself about 6" up and 6" to the right of where I’ve clicked onscreen. It’s like something about positioning is just out of whack. I’ve run lots of files previously with great success, always using absolute coordinates, but I’ve switched to a new computer and now something just seems off for positioning when doing anything other than absolute coordinates (which works just fine). I’m working with a round piece of wood so really need to figure out how to start from the center of my piece.


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