Possible bug with virtual array and variables

When I use a virtual array with a variable list to CSV file and use the boton “Test”, it not replace to each variable to each element of array but replace only all element to the array with the first data of the list.
But when I convert the virtual array to flatten array, it replace all variables of each element with it data.
I send you a link to youtube video (excuse me for my english :persevere:): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQRTtHDbNiQ

I suspect it’s a bug. But it may only be an issue during “Test”. Can you check preview or run a simple test burn? I suspect the output will be correct.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, with the preview, the virtual array it’s OK, all variables are replaced with it’s data to each element.

Glad that works.

We’ll ask @LightBurn to confirm if this is the expected behavior or a bug.

If you are using a virtual array, they are all copies of the first entry, so this is expected. The ‘Test’ button replaces only the “real” item, and the other copies are just shown from that.

When the data is output for the final machine, it is “fully evaluated” and works the way you expect.


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