Posted and self-solved an issue but I have a few questions about where to post and methodology

I posted about an issue I was having with my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro and was only able to get around it by going to LaserGRBL and resetting the origin there. I’m writing to you for several reasons :

  1. I want to find out if what I did to try to resolve within LightBurn was correct and if not, what is the correct method to fix this issue

  2. Is this a known issue in LB that is being looked into for a future release fix

  3. Did I post the original issue in the proper place in this forum. I’m wondering because I did not receive any replies at all over three days.

Thanks for your attention! I’m finding the forum very useful. I have a long history in CAD, 3Dprining, electronics, computers, networking, programming, etc. but I’m relatively new to lasers.

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