Power and Camera Adjusting

Hi,New here. Have been reading and tryign out all the stuff I am finding on adjusting laser power. I had a hard time getting anything to engrave. But, after reading the forums, I picked up on how to do it. Well, sort of… My two problems right now, that I cant fix, are my camera alignment setup and power adjustment. Hand in hand.

I have calibrated my Camera alignment a million times, and still when I go to do the alignment cuts on the alignment tab/instructions, nothing burns/engraves/shows up. I went in and adjusted my $ numbers, 30 and 32. When I get to the camera alignment setups, it must revert it back to zero. Becuase when I go back to console the next time and check $$, 30 and 32 are both reset back to 1…

I am so lost on what to do next.I just want to be able to use my camera and actually engrave something at the same time. Please help. Details below

Ortur LaserMaster 2 (20w)

(after me setting 30 and 32 to different values)




































And, apologize for my many errors typing…lol!

This is why you are not getting the results you expect. Make that 1000. $30=1000

Here is a post showing the correct settings for the Ortur.

We have a document, :wink: on the topic worth review: Common GRBL/GCode Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

For the camera issues you describe, any movement at all can cause the need to check and adjust to get things correct. How do you have the camera mounted? Redirecting...

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Thanks Rick. Yeah, I had $30 set to 1000But it seems to reset after I open up camera alignment wizard. I’ll go back and adjust $30 again.

The camera is mounted above facing down. Top down and centered.

In the meantime, once you do the lens calibration and the alignment, is there any way to get rid of the background behind the material? So in my set up I have a 1 inch thick piece of wood underneath everything. This is so I don’t engrave on my table. And it has a lot of drawings in writing on it.

Is there a way to erase all of that in the background and just leave the material there? Or would I have to go for like a pure white background/material underneath?

This is very unlikely for a long list of reasons, but let’s test this. Type $$ into the ‘Console’ window and hit Enter/Return to check the current state. Set $30=1000, if required. To do this, type $30=1000 into the ‘Console’ window and hit Enter/Return to set. Type $$ again to check that it is set correctly.

Then immediately open the ‘Calibrate Camera Alignment’ tool and do stuff. Now, back to the Console and type $$, Enter/Return to see if you are correct. :slight_smile:

OK. Did it, and like you said, it saved it. Thank you. I’ll try pens and alignment calibration in a bit. . Maybe I saw it wrong or something.

Anyways, with regards to the question I had in the last message. Do you know a way to erase everything from behind your actual material. Let’s say a canvas. Like I said, I have that thick piece of wood with a lot of writing and drawing on it. And it always shows up in the camera, which makes sense. Just wanted to see if there was any way to erase that or remove that later.

No, not really. We do not have a way to auto-clip some defined section of the camera view, no.

Thanks Rick for all the help. I’m going to start the calibration process again and see what happens. Appreciate it

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