Power and speed transfer

I am having issues with transferring my power and speed settings to my RUIDA controller on my laser when I send a job to the machine.
Once I have a job set up in lightburn, I transfer the job to my laser. Before I run the job on the machine, I have to go in and manually set the speeds and power settings on the controller before I run the job. My speed always reverts to 127mm per minute on the controller and the power is usually around 25%. Is there a way to have the speeds and power transfer to the controller when the job is sent from lightburn or does the controller automatically revert to the factory settings no matter what?

I am unaware of the issue you are experiencing. LightBurn is designed to provide the tools required to design and set cut files for your laser system and send those files for direct execution without further interaction with the control panel HMI. This is how it is supposed to work.

You are saying that the speed and power settings you define in LightBurn are not the same when you look at that file from the controller interface?

If you make a 10mm x 10mm square, set the power to 15% power and speed run at 100mm/sec, then ‘Send’ that to the controller. What is shown when you look at that file from the control panel?

If I set the speed at 100mm Sec and the power at 15 for a job, After the job transfers to the machine, the speed is always set at 127mm sec and speed is 25%. For some reason the speeds and power settings from the file that I program in lightburn do not transfer to the controller. I always have to go into the controller and program my speed and power settings to match what I set them at in lightburn.

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