Power Issues in Bottom Right Corner

I operate the BOSS LS3655 155 watt laser with a Ruida controller. I am having issues cutting through any material in the bottom right corner of my laser. I can cut the same material with the exact same settings on the top left, or even the middle, but there is almost a deadzone in the bottom right that hardly cuts at all.

I can cut with the same settings, and material, and have the cut go perfectly fine anywhere in the cut area besides the bottom right. I am assuming this is an issue with the mirrors, potentially smoke, or the laser being underpowered with it gets that far away from the Co2 tube? Any ideas are welcome!


Normally i would be inclined for this too.
Have you ran a mirror alignment test

Close to the mirrir first, THEN further away.
Your burn dot must move away from the center of mirror as you move away from left side.

You lost me here…

@asalisbury welcome to the site…

I align mine rather quickly… close distance is the target spot, long distance impact gets moved to target spot.

It’s always nice to have a short history. Is this something that has always existed or is it new?

Assuming you have and know it’s focused…

If it’s in TEM00 mode, then you’re only alternative to ensure it’s correctly aligned.

There is a phenomenon known as 4th corner where it works in three out of the four corners. This is an alignment issue… The general consensus is a very, very slight adjustment of m1 … it is very sensitive…

Good luck


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