Power issues when push fire button

When I go to hit the fire button the power to the unit shuts off

Sounds possibly like a drop in power.

A few things to check:

  1. Confirm that you actually have power to the machine and not getting power only from USB
  2. This could be from a bad power supply. Check proper voltage from the supply. It could also be failing at load
  3. Make sure you’re getting consistent reliable power from the outlet

It’s also possible the controller is bad or something else but I’d suggest checking something related to power first.

So after checking power sources i heard back from Ortur tech support and they had me remove the ground wire from the laser head and now everything works. Thanks for your suggestions berainlb.

They had you do this permanently? This was the wire used to bond and ground the chassis? Or this is one of the wires going to your laser module?

Sounds a bit strange and I wonder if this will cause other problems down the road. A common issue when machines are not properly grounded is that you can get a static short through the USB port that will disconnect your machine and ruin a job.

I asked the same question. They have to get back to me. The frame is still grounded they had me remove the one that goes on the top of the laser. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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