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Hello All:

So I am working with the Power Scale option and am running into an issue I think. So I am trying to create an Engraving Power/Speed Test where I have 10 Rows by 10 Columns and I have my max speed on the spectrum at 350 mm/s and the max power at 95%.

The issue I am running into is that when I run the file, 10% Power at 350 mm/s is coming out really dark.

Am I not using the Power Scale Right? My Layer Settings for example are Speed: 350 mm/s, 100% Power Max, 50% Min, and .07 LPI.

Thanks in advance for the help…

Michael K.

Read this thread it helped me alot with my issue

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Also read this one.

Sorry for so many replies but I also just remembered my issue a few days ago, you have to set a minimum on your color for that speed. Whatever you minimum to get the tube to fire. I have my mine set to 9 and the max to 100%, and my power scale goes from 10% to 95%.

50% min is the reason. Power scale is a percent between min and max, so 10% in your case is 10% of the way from 50% to 95%, or about 54% power.

Okay I’ll give that a try next. That makes sense.

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