Power/Speed settings during pause-start

It would be nice if when you paused the laser that you could change the speed/power without starting the job all over again. I realize that there is now an option to change the speed/power in the move tab but that does not reflect in the original file. Keeping track of changes made are difficult and making changes on the fly to get an idea of the settings needed for a particular material is difficult before fine tuning using a target. Unless someone has a better way that they would like to share I think this would be a good idea to include in the next version.

Using the ruida controller myself I can change power and speed settings at pause on the controller.but it doesn’t change it in cuts and layers.is that the same as your issue

The way LightBurn works internally, when you click ‘Start’, the entire GCode for the job is created, put into a buffer in memory, and the system begins streaming it from that buffer. This means that you can close the file, open a different one, and start working on the next thing without affecting the current one.

Many of the things that you can change in LightBurn, like the dither settings, DPI, etc, make very drastic changes to the content of the GCode, so they would not be at all simple to update on the fly.

Power and Speed can now be adjusted in the Move window while the job is running, but those changes are only active until you stop the job, and don’t affect the settings in LightBurn - the controller doesn’t have a way for me to know what the new settings are, because of the way these real-time controls are handled by it.

What most people do is use a generator or a set of samples with different settings to run test swatches, and use those to get the initial starting point set before doing the fine tuning. This is a good one: Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

I’ve been using the new power/speed option in the new version. I really like it but I think there is one thing that could make it even more useful. During the burn it would be nice to be able to see the current power and speed. The way it is you have to do the math and keep track of how many times you increased or decreased the settings. This way you could adjust your file to reflect the changes you have made and save them with the file.

Still no response.

The issue, as Oz identifies, the controller does not provide a way for us to know what the new settings are.

GRBL allows the increments, and the maximum and minimum values, to be arbitrarily set in the firmware, and provides no mechanism for the controlling software to access those values. I could keep track, but there’s no guarantee that the result would be correct.

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