Print and Cut consistently off by ~3mm

I’m having trouble with the Print and Cut function specifically but it might be an accuracy issue across the board. I’m running an XTool D1 and trying to use the Print and Cut function but it “randomly” is off by about 3mm in both X and/or Y axis.

In the attached picture you can see two attempts to hit the same marker. Both attempts were following the same process, i.e. at least those two markers should’ve aligned at the very least.

Please attach the file. I’ll make a copy and try to join the two halves back together and verify the geometry. If it’s not geometry, it could be lost motion.

I would probably also make the targets different and an opportunity to further confirm location.

I think I have nailed down a combination of settings that actually works pretty well. I use the “Start From” coordinate system and match that to the measured center of my piece. I also corrected my laser offset location to -15mm instead of -16mm. My theory is that the laser body was contacting sides/rails bumping it off the trajectories.

Slowing down the speeds has helped in some aspects but it’s tricky to know when it will be necessary. I’m especially still figuring out settings to get an image to be high definition as well as create very small text.

Thank you for all the assistance,


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