Print and Cut how it work?

Hello colleagues. Who can tell you how the print and cut function works? The printer does not always hold the ideal print size. Also, the positioning of the anchor points is not always perfect. The question is, does the function resize the layout relative to positions 1-2, or does it average the position and cut clearly across the layout?


look here :slight_smile: all you need to get started

The output is positioned, rotated, and scaled according to the relative differences in the target positions. I may add a switch to make the system not scale the output, but still perform the positioning and rotation. You do have to be quite accurate with your positioning of the laser over the markers. Placing the markers as far apart as possible will minimize the amount of error.

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It would be great, Oz.
Sometimes I need to cut out an image and then cut out the second layer and glue it. Sometimes the size is slightly different. This is certainly not critical, but I would like to be able not to change the scale, but rely only on the accuracy of the position

This is done for the next release.

Thanks so much for solving my Oz problem! You are a good example of a developer who listens to your community. When using the function, and I use it all the time, I thought what could be done a little more conveniently. If you accidentally missed this, I’ll give you a link. Think maybe eating healthy grain …

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